Welcome to my site! 
I'm an artist who makes paintings and scents.
I "see" scents as colors.

Here, you can learn more about my exhibitions, buy scents and prints or learn about upcoming events.




Join me for cocktails, art and scent, this Saturday, 5-8 pm at Tigerlily in San Francisco. A limited number of guests will receive screen print giveaways; all will enjoy perfume tribute cocktails and a 10% discount on perfume.

An interview at ÇaFleureBon about synesthesia, Messiaen and the limited edition, Au Delà - Narcisse.

My work appears in a feature on independent perfumers in the October issue of 7x7 Magazine—issues available now.

Very pleased to announce that the amazing Brooklyn-based indie fragrance shop, Twisted Lily, will be carrying my scents starting in October! I'll be in NYC for an in-store event on Oct. 25.

Until first week of August, I'm an artist in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Come visit the artist studios and enjoy the spectacular Marin Headlands landscape at the open house on July 20.

A group exhibition at Romer Young Gallery named for football polymath, Kordell "Slash" Stewart. I'll have some new paintings on view with Amanda Curreri, John Herschend, Peter Kirkeby, and Josh Podoll. June 20 - July 26.



Fine China

What the artworld needs now is more Jerome! A brief post praising the virtues of Jerome Caja (and Édouard Vuillard).

The Eye Smells What the Nose Sees

Film-maker Brian Pera invited me for a guest appearance on his wonderful variety show of a blog, Evelyn Avenue, to talk about the new fragrance and print project. Read the full text  here.

Handmade Print

For my new perfume, Au Delà - Narcisse des Montagnes, I've published a limited-edition screen print. The craft of screen-printing is slow and labor intensive compared with the 4-color process that produces most printed images we see. I'm sharing a few pics of from the production process here.